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The Holistic Picture

At Everybody Healing Center, I believe in practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine with a patient-centered holistic approach.

It’s important to look at the big picture when treating a patient because there are different factors–including mental and social factors, in addition to overall well being–that may be contributing to a patient's symptoms. Treating a patient through this lens doesn’t just help me diagnose and comfort patients…it helps me provide beneficial, proven results.

Generally, when people think of Traditional Chinese Medicine, they think of acupuncture. They’re not wrong for doing so: from frozen shoulder and chronic pain to neuropathy and fibromyalgia (and beyond!) acupuncture works! Traditional Chinese Medicine has incorporated acupuncture for 3000 years, and the scope of what it brings to healthcare is limitless.

Like other practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I practice a holistic form of medicine without prescription medication. I use an approach to wellness that supports the body’s natural healing process. How do I do this? By using specific points that are located at or near the body’s surface through the insertion of acupuncture needles, or by manually holding pressure points.

While I am proud to provide acupuncture and dry needling…did you know that I also assist patients with nutritional support, stretches and dynamic exercises, as well as prescribing Chinese herbs? There is a specialized treatment or a combination of treatments at Everybody Healing Center that can help treat you, just as you are.

Ready to Go?

There's no doubt about it: acupuncture works...and so does using a holistic approach to assess patients and their goals.

A customized, holistic plan can help you attain:

  • Restful and nourishing sleep

  • More stamina and tolerance for exercise--high endurance, or your daily activities

  • Relief from chronic pain

Call Everybody Healing Center today to schedule a personalized initial consultation.

This initial consultation is an amazing opportunity for me to learn about what you are experiencing, and so that I can develop a holistic treatment plan just for you.

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