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Traditional Chinese Medicine, Male Infertility, and You

Updated: Jun 18

With much of the cultural focus on female factor infertility (in society, as well as in Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine alike), it often comes as a surprise to many that male factor infertility can contribute to a couple's infertility over 50% of the time. Often, when male infertility is a contributing factor, the journey towards building a family can be less arduous, as sperm is regenerated often and quickly.

In China, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to treat male infertility for more than two thousand years. The goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to maintain reproductive energy while treating the symptoms related to infertility.

The Causes of Male Infertility

A variety of factors can affect fertility in male patients, but the most common include anatomical abnormalities, a history of urinary tract infections, low sperm count, low motility, the presence of white blood cells in the semen, or even genetic factors.

Other possible causes leading to male infertility by interfering with the production of sperm are smoking, exposure to chemicals, immune system abnormalities, or disorders such as diabetes or hypertension that can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Traditional Chinese Medicine to Improve Male Fertility

Our treatment plan to support male fertility typically includes acupuncture, as well as lifestyle and dietary recommendations for approximately three months.

While we are in the practice of fertility medicine, we realize that in order to improve sperm quality, one should consider a plan of action that includes Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as an honest personal assessment of lifestyle factors.

Lifestyle changes such as dietary improvements and environmental considerations have a huge impact on sperm quality.  Advising our patients to live healthier lives is at the heart of what we do, and is imperative to helping patients expand their families.

In regards to the length of treatment, we focus on three months, since one full sperm development cycle takes about 75-90 days. Every patient is unique, but we find that the key to success is consistent treatment during a full sperm development cycle. This treatment protocol is for both men trying to conceive naturally and with assisted reproductive technology (IVF/IUI/ICSI).

Acupuncture is helpful to improve sperm quality as it improves blood flow to the testicles, lowers and clears infections and reduces oxidative stress.

Recent studies have shown that acupuncture can effectively increase sperm production, improve sperm movement (motility), increase the percentage of healthy sperm, improve the levels of hormones responsible for fertility, and increase pregnancy rate.

A Time-Tested Practice with Modern-Day Results

Everybody Healing Center's approach to reproductive health is holistic, thorough, and results-driven. Traditional Chinese Medicine balances hormones, stimulates the reproductive system, and enhances fertility. We practice Traditional Chinese Medicine in an integrated manner, working alongside consultants and using Western diagnostic approaches for well-rounded successful treatments.

If you have any questions about fertility support don't hesitate to reach out today, we would love to assist you on your family planning journey. Schedule a consultation today!

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