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A Post-Thanksgiving Reset

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Feeling sluggish? Bloated? Cranky? Exhausted? Anxious?

If you're like many Americans, you might be feeling one or maybe even all of those things. Chances are, you had a beautiful, rich, seasonal feast last week. While the fun and time spent together with loved ones is typically a good time had by all, the meal itself and the ensuing stress of the beginning of the holiday season can take a toll on a person!

The combination of simple carbohydrates, increased dairy consumption, and often, more alcohol than usual, can leave a person feeling tired, full, and lethargic. Throw in the stress of holiday travel, the shopping, and the lack of rest, and you have a recipe for overconsumption with an ample side of anxiety.

The week after Thanksgiving is a great time to clear your mind, nourish your body, and reset your system...that way, you have a few days to recover, and you can ease back into normal nutrition and exercise patterns. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is preferred to use a measured and gentle approach to readjust your mind and body (especially your liver and digestive system) after a bout of enjoying things a bit too much.

Read through and use the following tips so you can start living out loud once again!


Acupuncture improves the health of the liver, kidneys, and the digestive system--all of which help to remove waste and toxins from the body. This simple yet complex, ancient but newly-embraced practice basically clears any blockages caused by toxins. Acupuncture supports the body by reducing cravings and helps manage post-feast symptoms like irritability, restlessness and body aches. The long and short of it is that acupuncture will relax your mind and bring comfort and balance to your body.

Drink Up!

You have to stay hydrated! It's just that easy (and that difficult!).

Your body is mostly composed of water. People tend not to hydrate as much as they should, and that goes double if they are drinking a lot of caffeine. If you are out in the warm sun, or the cool dry air in the winter, then you need to replenish your body by giving it the hydration it needs to carry out its daily tasks.

Create Warmth

There are several ways to create warmth in the body--which is vital this time of year:

  • Drink warm beverages, like ginger tea, warm water, and green tea! On the savory side, try adding in soups, stews, and bone broths to your meal plan.

  • Stay active! Whether it is a daily walk, bicycle ride, yoga, or even an at-home fitness routine with body weight exercises and some stretches, if it gets your heart pumping and blood flowing, go for it!

  • Bundle up! Keep your body warm, especially your head, neck, fingers, and toes.

The creation of warmth in your body will improve metabolism, move blood in the body (which helps regulate circulation to improve body functions like temperature), and improve digestion.


After the entertaining, the travel, social media--not to mention the constant email notifications about your favorite store extending their Black Friday deals--you might find yourself experiencing some mental burnout. Be sure to take some time out for yourself. Read a book, work on a craft, go for a walk, and leave the screens behind you.

Soak Up the Sun

Isn't the sun amazing? Since we don't get a ton of it this time of year, you have to make time for it a priority.

In addition to just feeling really good, the sun helps us by boosting serotonin, rids the body of bacteria and viruses and helps us absorb Vitamin D! If you can, enjoy a break from work, school, or other commitments during peak sunshine hours to reset and give your body the boost that it needs.

If you want any more information on giving your body the post-holiday jumpstart that it might desire, please contact me today! Acupuncture is non-invasive and it works.

By using a holistic approach, I can have you thinking clearly and having you move with joy and enjoying the best of the season once again. Contact Everybody Healing Center today!

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