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Mid-Autumn, Acupuncture, and You!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Happy Mid-Autumn Everyone!

This holiday–which brings to mind delicious mooncakes–is one of the biggest holidays in China. A celebratory, transitional period, Mid-Autumn marks a seasonal return of comfort and routine. With each passing day, we find ourselves immersed in our newly established routines with school, work, family, and our health.

One way to continue healthy habits or to assist with a long-nagging medical condition is through Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to allergies and the usual seasonal ailments, seasonal depression tends to make an appearance for many people around this time of year. It seems that diet and exercise aren’t always enough when it comes to stabilizing mood.

Enter acupuncture.

All About Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used in Chinese medicine for about 3,000 years, but its effectiveness is starting to be recognized more and more in Western medicine. From migraines to fibromyalgia, fertility issues to stress management, acupuncture is an accessible medical practice that can be used on its own or combined with another treatment plan.

But why is acupuncture so important in the fall? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mid-Autumn is aligned with the lungs and the large intestines. These organs help control the immune system, and in order to bolster one’s energy and wellness during this time of year, it is vital to target and nurture these pathways.

There is so much that acupuncture can do for you physically and mentally:

  • Assists in pain management

  • IVF/IUI support

  • Helps balance moods

  • Hormones become regulated

  • Increased mobility

  • Decreased blood pressure

  • Peripheral neuropathy support

Expect Results!

Relax, ease into that new schedule of yours, enjoy some mooncakes, and listen to your body! When you’re ready, call me so I can help you make this transitional period a little easier with some acupuncture. I can provide a safe and effective treatment plan, comfort, and the results you are looking for.

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