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Prescription for Fertility: Exercise + TCM

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Regardless of where you are on your fertility journey, Everybody Healing Center is ready to support you!

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to aid in fertility for thousands of years.

What I love about practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it treats the body as a whole: all systems work together to keep the body healthy and produce life.

The methods I use--and the support I provide--have a proven record of success.

Through acupuncture and personalized recommendations for diet and exercise, I have had the pleasure of helping many couples and individuals pursue and achieve their goal of expanding their families!

Acupuncture can support pregnancy by balancing hormonal cycles to aid in conception, reduce miscarriages, enhance the immune system, assist in low sperm count and improve sperm quality, help with fetal development, and so much more.

In addition to acupuncture, my personalized treatment plans may include exercise for those seeking conception, increased sperm count, healthy pregnancy, pelvic floor issues, as well as those navigating postpartum depression.

The Way You Move

Exercise isn’t just about increased endorphins and feeling accomplished (although those things certainly don't hurt), it’s also vitally important for all patients seeking a healthy pregnancy to stay active during every point of their fertility journey. While it’s imperative to move during the path towards fertility and birth, you want to be sure not to overdo it!

Here are some things to remember when it comes to movement, you, and fertility:

  • Exercise gets the blood moving, which encourages good blood flow –this is important for both partners in conception

  • Stay consistent!

  • Exercise gently: some good choices include slow or moderate swimming, walking, yoga, lifting light weights, and tai chi

  • Be sure to avoid high impact exercises like running, strenuous weightlifting, HIIT classes, aerobics, fast swimming, etc

  • Take breaks if you need to, and get plenty of rest!

Let's Talk!

If you need more in-depth fertility counseling, call Everybody Healing Center today!

I have years of experience and I have been honored to help many couples conceive, and I would be delighted to do the same for you.

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